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I loved the idea of having an organizing blog because that is a subject that I get quite excited about but trying to take care of my family of 6, homeschool, run a girls club and keep up with my lifestyle blog was just too much.

So for the time being I will not be writing here any longer but you can find me over at Treasuring the where I write about our life in the country – hobby farming, organizing, cooking, entertaining and simple home decor.

I hope you’ll join me there where I post quite regularly.


Coffee Table Styling Element – Books

There are several components that you may want to employ when styling your coffee table.  Books is one of them

Books seem to always be useful for home decorating and designing your coffee table’s top is another place for them.

books on coffee table Southern Living

 Books add interest and are potential reading material for your guests.

Picture books are usually the best.

Guests probably won’t have the time to read a whole book while they’re sitting on the couch!

coffee table styling with booksOpulent Minimalist Lifestyle



coffee table styling books


Books also add height and visual diversity.

coffee table styling books


Books can be purchased cheaply at garage sales and thrift stores, or if you are like me, you have a big enough library to choose from.  I love books!

Do you like to use books when decorating?

Changing the Look of Your Serving Tray

Credit for this easy and quick idea goes to Hi Sugar Plum.

I have an old tray that was given to me at our wedding 25 years ago.  25 years! Hard to believe!

changing the look of a serving tray

Because of its size, I needed 2 sheets of scrapbook paper in order to cover the bottom of the tray.

changing the look of your serving tray


changing the look of your serving tray before and after

How fun that with just a few pieces of paper you can customize your serving tray. Of course, it would not work for actual serving since getting the paper wet would not be a good idea. But… for display items, it’s a great idea.

Feeling oh so crafty…


Good Reads for the Weekend

A few links to get your creative juices flowing if they aren’t already.  There’s so much inspiration out there!

Make a pillow with your favorite word or phrase.

make a pillow with your favorite word or phrase


A rustic magnetic chalkboard.

rustic magnetic chalk board

Some encouragement…

when everything feels like a struggle


Need an oven fried chicken recipe?  This one by Ina Garten looks so good.

oven fried chicken by ina garten

And now, if you’ll excuse me, for some reason I feel the need to go eat something. I just wish it was this chicken!

Styling Your Coffee Table

Really I’m just a decorator in training and I need places to go for inspiration.  So when I read Inspired by Charm’s post about styling a coffee table, it inspired me to work on my own.

Hi Sugar Plum had some nice solid suggestions about how to go about styling your coffee table…

1) Life or natural element to bring the outdoors in and add color and texture.
2) Books to entertain and create stacks for different heights.
3) Quirky or statement object for conversation starter.
4) Candles for ambiance and a welcoming scent.
5) Tray to corral smaller items and organize.

So I went shopping the house.

A stack of books and a faux succulent (purchased from Target).

coffee table styling

A tray

3 candles

a frame with a quotation I printed out on scrapbook paper

& for my quirky item, a little lighted magnifying glass.

coffee table styling
coffee table styling

Here it is at night in all its glory.

A warm inviting glow from the candles.

coffee table styling

The quote close-up.

“When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.”

climbing uphill, struggle, inspirational quote

Would you like to see the before?  It was very simple.

coffee table styling before and after
coffee table styling before and after

The tips I received from Hi Sugar Plum gave me focus on where to start with my coffee table which I really appreciate. With these suggestions, I can make baby steps towards learning how to decorate. Sometimes it’s okay to go with your own instinct but there are other times you may have to develop that side of yourself.  That’s kind of where I am.

What about you? Do you style your coffee table?

What a Frog Can Teach You About Getting Things Done

I’m off today to spend some time with the family and going to a wedding this weekend.  In the meantime, share in the comments a project you’re working on or any questions you have about organizing. I’d love to hear from you. :)

Here’s an article I wrote a year ago on my personal blog. It’s about tackling projects!

Did you know that in 1 year, more damage is caused by the lowly termite than hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes and tornadoes combined?

This seems inconceivable but it’s a proven fact.

How do these small insects do it?

By taking one bite at a time.

Have you heard of the book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy?

The book is based on the thought that if the very first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen the rest of the day.

eat that frog

Ugh, yeah, I could probably agree with that.

Take a look at your To-do List.  What on there is the very worst thing that you really don’t want to do?

That’s your frog.

And…. you must eat it – one bite at a time. :)

Termites cause all their damage by taking one bite at a time.  If you want to achieve something, you must begin with that first bite and then take another one and another one till you have finished.

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” ~Olin Miller

Isn’t this the truth?  I cannot tell you how many times I avoided doing something when if I had just did it, it would have taken less energy than the avoiding.

Knowing you have a task to do and yet avoiding it is very draining.  As Brian Tracy say’s, “If you eat that frog, it will give you energy and momentum for the rest of the day.”

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”  –Abraham Lincoln


Maybe you have a lot of frogs in your life.  You certainly can’t “eat” them all in one day but you can start by taking that first bite.

Sometimes we avoid a job because we’re truly not sure what to do next. My recommendation would be to decide what your “Next Action” is.  What is the very next thing you need to do to move your task forward? Be very specific, not vague or general.

For instance, one of my frogs is to plan a breakfast menu for the month of March. I’ve been “wanting” to do this for over a week now but haven’t.  Sure I’ve been busy but I know when I’m avoiding something, too.  I need to figure out my Next Action (taken from David Allen’s book Getting Things Done).  What is the very next thing I need to do? Is it printing off a calendar for me to write my menu onto, perusing the Web for new recipes or pulling my cookbooks off the shelves?  See, it doesn’t have to be a big step but whichever one of these I choose will move my project forward.

After I complete my next step, I then need to decide once again what the Next Action will be.  Pinpointing your next action is very important and actually aids you in the completion of it.

“If you haven’t identified the next physical action required to kick-start it, there will be a psychological gap every time you think about it even vaguely.  You’ll tend to resist noticing it.” –David Allen

Why don’t we challenge ourselves today to take that first bite and eat our way to completion this week or at least as much as we are able.

 ”You may delay, but time will not.” ~Benjamin Franklin


Do Your Organized Spaces Need to Look Magazine Worthy?

As much as I love organizing there are areas in my home that fall between the cracks.

Like the cabinet in my laundry room. It’s a cabinet where many things are stored but really very very few items are used often. But sometimes when you don’t have a use for something or you hold on to items that have lost their usefulness you end up with this.

Clutter and disarray!
organizing cabinet before and after

What I want to show you today is that you don’t have to have a cabinet that looks magazine worthy. A tidy cabinet is lovely in its own way. I like all the cabinets I see with baskets and containers to hold my items but is that truly the only way to be organized?

Don’t let the fact that you may not own baskets and containers keep you from making your space tidy and workable for you right now.

My daughter has an Etsy shop – Roadrunner Stop! (you might want to check it out – she has some really cute pillowcases and kids aprons) and she has material everywhere. (organizing is not something she thrives on unlike me) :) So I decided to give her this cabinet for her material.

Dealing with One Problem Always Leads to Another but in the End They All are Solved

The problem was I had to deal with all that stuff!  I began with the drawers under my washer and dryer. Of course, there was no empty space in them either so I had to work on that first.  I had a lot of sponges and rags and t-shirts saved in case I needed more rags.  That won’t be awhile since I have so many already. :)

After I cleaned out my two drawers, I began on the cabinet. I’ve mentioned it before but when you get rid of clutter it is so freeing!! There were things in there I had not used for years. Seriously.

After I cleaned out the cabinet of my things, I was able to fit my daughter’s material in with room to spare. Amazing.

organizing cabinet before and after


ororganizing cabinet before and
oorganizing cabinet before and

By dealing with things I no longer needed or used I cleared up space and made it functional for our current needs.

organizing cabinet before and

It’s not magazine perfect but it is tidy and workable.

Do you feel guilt over your spaces not looking magazine worthy?

organizing cabinet before and after